Yunxiao jintang bay seawater hot spring hotel is a comprehensive tourism vacation project integrating tourism vacation, hotel, catering, entertainment and business. The unique water hot spring resources and the existing Roman style canals provide a high target for the comprehensive design of the project. Through the communication and integration of architecture, landscape and art through the whole process of creation, the whole design project has a clear purpose to create a classic that can be spread.



Kingfisher spa is held by the xiamen cheng cheng yi yi real estate investment management co., LTD and Singapore international hotel management group invested in accordance with international five-star standard, to join the best western hotel group, and as the first according to the five-star standard construction for its popular area of hot springs resort hotel.



Licheng county is located in the northern part of northern fujian province. It is a tropical Marine monsoon climate in central Asia. It is warm and hot, mild in climate, cold in winter and hot in summer. There are overlapping mountains and mountains in China. In hilly mountainous terrain, rivers cut through the mountains, and the water rushes in and out, creating a series of beaded mountain valley basins with wide valleys and narrow rocks. So there is the poem cloud: "the green mountains of the original vegetation, the flowers red leafy green. The pine and cypress bamboo, the Japanese wind and the price."


The wuchuan hot spring resort hotel project is a comprehensive holiday project which includes hotel, hot spring park, catering conference and residential development. With its all-round design team and high level of design, the stage landscape is invited to carry out the whole design process of wuchuan spring from planning to architecture. To the east, to create an image of a hot spring with a unique Oriental charm, so that the human nature can be brought back to the truth and the mind can be sublimated.


The birth of the spring valley is the result of its superior terrain conditions, mountains and water system is to keep the original ecological, natural environment, the air is fresh, there are many rural, woods on slopes, and special landscape can be development and utilization, is advantageous, and so on landscape resources. Therefore, our design thinking is to let nature take its course, take advantage of the situation and develop its characteristics to create a natural beauty of nature.





Flag mountain hot springs in the forest as the background, combined with nature as the theme, blend in hot spring park with beautiful landscape artistic conception, the cloud mountain fog around, flickering park is like a fairyland, a say never have; 

The spring stream is sound, the cliff is thousands of feet, the mountain spring flies straight down, thousands of times, with the water, the sparkling water, the lake mirror shadow; 

In the fairyland, there are more visitors to show seven exquisite, natural and cultural connotations; Thousands of waterfalls, seven star springs, the lake in the cloud, the cave springs, the seven colors lotus pond, the forest royal scenery, the living water music fully shows the wonders of the forest hot spring.



Putian yumanor hot spring is located in the north of mulan creek, one of the famous twenty-four scenes in putian city. The characteristics of magnolia creek are not only in the ecological environment of the lake. There is also a long history of humanity, and its unique location has abundant geothermal resources. 

The design makes full use of the advantageous geographical environment advantage of the base, and USES the existing high difference to make the transformation, highlight the concept of health care of hot spring.


Hot spring resort in the greening design in the process, make full use of local plant resources, different types of flowers and trees in the form of configuration, along with the sophisticated chic pavilion, gallery, wooden pavilions, build natural ecological multi-layer hot spring bath environment.




Guian is located in the shandong side of fuzhou north peak, the west of lianjiang county, the border of pan du township, adjacent to the jin 'an district, known as the "fuzhou north gate". 

 Through the history of your dusty history, we can learn that guian hot spring has been exploited and exploited in the two years (1057). At that time, the government had a hot spring station here, for the students who went to Beijing to take the exam. Zhu ding, the county's governor, has also built an open-air hot spring bath in the mountains, free of charge for the villagers.



Yongtai idle since Mesozoic Jurassic and early cretaceous large-scale volcanic eruption, combined with the orogeny of neotectonic movement, made the county landscape rising sharply and intermittent rise, constitute the modern high terrain, and tilt from southwest to northeast. 

 Yongtai tonggu presents the "water world, forest world, flower world". Based on the natural and humanistic style, it is also integrated into the local water culture, so that the landscape can be "rendered" without any trace, "although it is done by man, it is made of heaven". Oriental, natural, comfortable, unique, natural, zen style of landscape.


This project has the ecological environment of lakes and mountains, also has a long cultural history of his unique position has abundant geothermal resources, it became a hot spring leisure resorts in the future.


Birches spa town is real estate +  endowment +  hot spring tourism hotel +  farming town comprehensive form, is a major exhibition of jin east property in jilin project, building green ecological, the spa town of high quality life, in the town of rich business state, residential property, including apartments, united/single-family house/mini villas and other forms. The project has a 1 million square meters of leasing land, and it has the conditions to create an ecological sightseeing agriculture and create an idyllic and idyllic resort.


Yunxi tang quan is a place for you to enjoy your life, nourish your soup, and enjoy the natural world. It provides you with a lifestyle, a cultural tour, and a high-end spa for leisure and health care.


Mountain of yunnan, cloud dream wreathed; Yunnan's water is full of spring meaning; Yunnan flowers, vying for the yan; Yunnan people, honest and kind. Millennium history, multi-ethnic multi-cultural integration, formed a unique color cloud south.


Dali state has a long history and is known as the "literature name bang". It has been the political, economic and cultural center of yunnan during the tang and song dynasties, and is well known for its beautiful landscapes and ethnic customs.

云谷汤泉是一个让您品味乐活 养生沐汤 尊享自然的地方,为您提供一种生活方式,一个文化观光,休闲养生的高端温泉度假综合体。

Yungu tang quan is a place that allows you to enjoy your life and enjoy your natural life. It provides you with a lifestyle, a cultural tour, and a high-end spa for leisure and health care.